Apps that Lend A Helping Hand

Apps that Lend Helping Hand on girlTECH

Today girlTech delivers three new or soon to be released helpful apps today to: remove language barriers, offer protection for ourselves or loved ones, and enable us to assist others in need…. [Read more...]

A Word on Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

The Architect’s Home

The Architect's Home- reviewed on

“There  are not many architecture books that appeal equally to both experts and laymen, but if any book is likely to bridge this gap, it is this one.” -Urbane Magazine, Bejing

What if the person living in a house is actually the architect who designed it? Obviously, and interestingly, architects’ houses are an intriguing reflection of the needs and personalities of the individuals who created them.  The houses themselves read like autobiographies, for the greatest challenge of all in building a house lies in weighing up and finding a balance between architectural aesthetics and the personal wishes of those who live there. Every detail of the design and the interior fittings tells us something about the architect.

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Birthplace of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley on #girlTECH

 Today I am going to take you on a little field trip to Silicon Valley. The term “Silicon Valley”, a nickname for the South Bay portion of the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California, was branded in 1970 by Ralph Vaerst, a California entrepreneur. “Silicon” referred to the silicon chip manufacturers who dominated the region, and “Valley” referred to the Santa Clara Valley.  We are going to head that way to check out one of the landmarks that highlights where the tech craze began… [Read more...]

App Roundup: Stylishly Social or Antisocial

APPS- stylishly social, or… anti-social~ on #girlTECH

girlTECH brings you the latest Apps, Hot off the press:

This week the girlTECH App Roundup has some of the hot new phone tech to share.  The theme is all social – with a fun new app to keep up with those you do (or don’t) care to cross paths with.  This week we also share a few new apps to help you look your best, try out a latest uber hip technology look before committing to it, and travel in style… Come check them all out: [Read more...]