Year Of the Horse

grey horse, dressage, on www.CourtneyPrice.comBecause it is year of the HORSE, I am going to share a photo journal of the Dallas Dressage Show I attended last weekend.  The horses were magical, the riders impressive, the bond between the two significant. This is luxury equestrian lifestyle at its finest. Take a visual stroll through the show with me- no words necessary…

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The London Hotel, NYC

Best Mid Town NYC hotel- The London Hotel NYC, on On a recent trip to New York I stayed in an amazing hotel -The London. It is well located in Midtown, and is a business travelers dream come true. All rooms are suites. There are 560 suites total, approximately 15 of which are upgraded from their standard of luxury.  I stayed in a “regular” suite and it was one of the biggest rooms I have ever had in NYC, about 500 sq feet and very well-considered, down to the detail. Let’s go take a look at this awesome hotel. Put on your seatbelt, because this will be an image rich post (which is a compliment to this property…) with lots of travel eye candy. [Read more...]

French Furniture: Three Desks, Three Styles and a Decorative Arts Glossary


French Desks on www.CourtneyPrice.comToday we are going to have a little decorative arts refresher on French Furniture. I thought a history lesson might be more fun and more memorable if we stick to one type of furniture… just to drive home the style differences and history that influenced their design. So today is “desk day”- we will compare three styles- Regency, Louis XV and Louis XVI desks/bureau plats….which come from three consecutive periods of french decorative history.  Many people find it very confusing to distinguish between the Louis styles, (and if you are a designer, that would be a major faux pas) which is nothing that a good story with visuals can’t cure. The broader context of each of these decorative styles will serve as a decorative arts glossary of terms used. Plan on some juicy backstories, decorative elements, creations and characteristics of each time … and a little gossip about the players/shenanigans of each era… nobody ever said French history was boring. [Read more...]

Rhinelander Mansion, Home of Ralph Lauren NYC Men’s Flagship Store

Ralph Lauren FlagShip, story behind the mansion on

In honor of today’s Fifth Avenue POLO flagship opening, I thought we would take a look at the very first Ralph Lauren NYC flagship store and the story behind its stunning location.

The Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo House is a French Renaissance revival mansion located at 867 Madison Avenue on the corner of East 72nd Street in the Lenox Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Completed in 1898, it was modeled after a châteaux of the Loire Valley in France. The plan was for this home to outshine the Vanderbilt limestone palace. Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo, the eccentric New York heiress who commissioned the mansion, made numerous trips to Europe to buy art, furniture, and statues, which were shipped back in crates and stored in rooms and hallways of the home.

Gertrude never actually moved in, never opened those crates. Widowed after two short years of marriage, she preferred to live across the street in a town home with her unmarried sister.  She was unable to maintain the building and it went into foreclosure in 1909. The crates of valuable furnishings, never opened, were the cause of multiple lootings of the property in 1909. She died in debt in 1914. The building remained vacant until 1921, at which time the first floor was converted into stores and two apartments were carved out of the upper four floors. Commercial enterprises which have used the location at various times include an antique store, Christie’s auction house and a Zabar’s-owned restaurant. Then greatness happened:  [Read more...]